Nutrition For Life International
Denis and Dianne Cote               
Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada
Distributor # 134888

Nutrition For Life International

A complete line of:  Water & Air Filtration and Purification Systems
                               Healthy Food & weight Management 
                               Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
                              Herbal Formulas                                            
                               Homeopathics & Special Formulas
                               Nutique Skin & Hair Care
                               Cleaning Concentrates & Disinfectants

                    Nature's First All Natural Sweetener


Snoreless (as seen on t.v.)

A Natural Lubricant That Really Works!
    Snoreless may be helpful in reducing the noise associated with snoring, and in some cases, helps to eliminate the problem all together. By spraying the back of the throat, tongue and uvula with a special formula, manufactured by a patented process known as Liposome, the soft tissues are coated, allowing up to eight hours of restful, silent sleep.

Requin 3

Isn't It Time You Discovered Shark Cartilage?
    Widely recognized as a natural source of protein and minerals, Shark Cartilage is used to help support normal cell growth and healthy joints. Shark Cartilage also may help support the immune system.

Nutritional Skin Care Programs For Men and Women
Women: Colloidal Cleanser                                Men: Colloidal Cleanser
               Lathering Cleanser                                         Lathering Cleanser
               Ultra Conditioner                                           Ultra Conditioner
               Protective Lotion                                           Protective Lotion
               Enriched Ultra Conditioner

    Each product is fragrance free and formulated to be as allergy and irritant free as possible. Made from wholesome ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, sunflower seed oil, squalene, evening primose oil.

Nutri Buddies 

    Nutri Buddies are a fruity, delicious whole food source of complete nutrition. Nutri Buddies contain 72 naturally occurring trace minerals essential to bone function and proper food digestion.

Whey To Go

    Treat your family to the many nutritional advantages of whey. This delicious, easy to digest beverage is low in lactose, rich in calcium, cholesterol free, low in fat, and lower in calories than whole milk. Whey To Go comes in 5 fabulous flavors: Natural (milk taste); Chocolate; Orange; Strawberry; and Egg Nog.


A Business Opportunity;                                                                  

    Nutrition For Life International is looking for Distributors. Earn extra income at home. For more  information contact Denis at or by phone (902)765-0020 in Nova Scotia or John at (905)985-4561 in the Toronto area. Also find out how you can qualify for THE CAR BONUS and/or the NEW HOUSE PAYMENT BONUS PROGRAMS.
 Nutrition For Life International is publically traded on the NASDAQ check out our financial record. Our symbol is NFLI.